Friday, January 15, 2016

Ear,Eye,Arm Plot Summary Through Chapter 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Mans Vlei.

They first got to Dead Mans Vlei when Fist and Knife took them there for the She Elephant. She made them change into dirty raged clothes and went up the tunnel to the She Elephant and told Fist to sell the kids good clothes in the Cows Guts. Then she fed the kids except for Rita because she didn't want it and sent them to work in the plastic mine. They were shown how to work a kerosene lamp.  They had to dig until dark then they found water. They went up to the surface and ate even Rita ate the sadza.  Later Tendai tried to escape but the She Elephant had speakers all through the Vlei and the Vleis people got him before he got half a mile. Then he started working again and after a couple of days they met Trashman for the first time. Then Ear, Eye and Arm encountered Knife and Fist then they fond out where Tendai, Rita, and Kuda was. Then Fist and Knife went back to and told the She Elephant. Then she wanted to drug and sell the kids to the Masks.

2. Tell how the children escaped Dead Mans Vlei.

Tendai had overheard the She Elephant about being sold to the masks. He had to climb out of a well with missing rungs so he had to climb with his back and feet. Once he got out he ran to find Rita and Kuda sitting by granny. They wanted to hear the rest of Grannys story. Then Trashman grabbed Kuda and started to run. Then Tendai grabbed Rita and ran. They got out of the Vlei and the Vleis people couldn't get them. The She Elephant almost got them but they got in a taxi and rode off. Then they arrived at Rest Haven.

3. Tell what happened to the children in Rest Haven.

When the children got to Rest Haven Myanda didn't want to let the kids in but she did anyway. Then they got new clothes and got to wash up for the first time since Dead Mans Vlei.  Then Tendai fell asleep after he took a bath and Chipo woke him up at night. They went to the camp. Kuda sat by kids his age and Tendai sat with the men which included Garikayi. Rita had to serve Tendai where he sat. Then the boys took the bowls away. The boys had to pass tests and Tendai passed one but failed the other. Then Garikayi started to chant but it turned into a story. Then Rita and Tendai are accused of witch craft after Chipo had here twins and Rita tries to save the evil twin. They have to pass a test and they do.

4. Tell how the children escaped Rest Haven
Garikayi wants the kids to be gone after Rita tries to save Sekai. Then Myanda did not pass the test. They think about killing her and the second twin. Then Rita, Tendai, Kuda then try to escape and Trashman comes along with them. They go in the subway and catch a ride to Borrowdale. Then they go to the Mellower's mothers house.

Final Ear,Eye,Arm Post

1.  By the end of the story, how has Arm changed?

Arm's physic abilities had gotten better because after he met Sekai he was getting linked with her. He had to let the Mellower and Mother take care of her while he was working on the investigation.He became a better parent towards Sekai. He became a better leader of Ear and Eye. They started to listen to him more.

2.  By the end of the story, how has Mother changed?

Mother went from a normal university professor to a mom fighting for her kids back. When she finds out her kids are in the Gondwonan Embassy. She arms herself and goes up the stairs and knocks out a guard and a couple of Masks.

3. By the end of the story, how has Tendai changed?

Tendai has goten braver and gained more courage. He got stronger while he was working in the plastic mine for the She Elephant. He stayed strong when the Masks were trying to sacrifice him. He kept chanting a saying the Mellower had once told him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm - Ch.1

In the book the Ear, the Eye, and the Arm  the natural world is banished or distrusted. Some examples from the text that shows this are that they have a robotic dog instead of a real living dog. Instead of real people doing their things for them robots do. They have robot maids and butlers that do everything. There is a one real bird in the house. The bird had to be smuggled in by the mellower. There is a microchip that makes birdsong because they don't have real birds outside. They have an automatic doberman instead of a real dog to guard the house and the garden. Real animals are rare and have to be smuggled into their house.


What do we know about the Mellower?
The Mellower is someone who calms down the family after breakfast. He smuggles things in the house for the kids. He is given a security card that can only be used once.

How does he NOT fit in with this family?
The Mellower does not fit in with the family because he is almost always late. He is can be forgetful and always forgets things. He is so unorganized which is the complete opposite of the family.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Crime On Mars Wideo